Idaho Native Plant Society, White Pine Chapter
With members on the Palouse, and in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and Central Idaho

White Pine Chapter Photos

White Pine Chapter Meeting and Field Trip photos
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2016 Annual Meeting Grand Fir Mosaic field trip 06/12/2016 (Flickr album)
2016 Annual Meeting Tollgate Meadows field trip 06/13/2016 (Flickr album)
2016 Annual Meeting Cow Creek Saddle/ Mud Springs Ridge field trip 06/11/2016 (Flickr album)
2016 Annual Meeting Fish Creek Meadow 06/10-13/2016 (Flickr album)
2015 White Pine Annual Meeting at PCEI and another meeting 10/2015 (Flickr album )
2014 White Pine Annual Meeting at Stage/Stroebel 10/25/2014 (Flickr album )
2014 White Pine Chapter Plant Sale 5/24/2014 (Flickr album )
2013 White Pine Chapter Plant Sale 5/18/2013 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter Hatley Restoration Tour 5/4/2013 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter White Bird Hill Field Trip 6/30/2012 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter Penstemon Workshop 6/28/2012 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter UI arboretum Tour/picnic 6/19/2012 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter Parker Butte Field Trip 5/19/2012 (Flickr album )
White Pine Chapter Grande Ronde Field Trip 4/28/12 (Flickr album )
Fossil Beds Field Trip 8/23/08 (3-page 281 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Elk Creek Falls Field Trip 6/28/08 (1-page 189 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Palouse Prairie Remnant Field Trip 6/4/08 (1-page 126 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Grande Ronde Field Trip 4/26/08 (2-page 183 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
2008 INPS WP Chapter Meetings (1-page 102 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Grandmother Mountain Field Trip 8/17/07 (1-page 136 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
School House Fire Field Trip 7/6/2007 (2-page 209 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Lewis and Clark Field Trip 6/2007 (1-page 268 KB 8.5x11" PDF)
Craters of the Moon 6/15-17/07
2007 INPS WP Local Walks (2-page 214 KB 8.5x11" PDF)

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PREF Creek May 0501012: Western white pine at
Priest River Experimental Forest taken by Russell Graham.


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